Trustee Application 

All Upper St. Clair adult residents are encouraged to apply to become Trustees with the Community Foundation. To better serve our township, we need input from a wide range of voices, and we look forward to growing our Board.

Board Meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm, with special committee meetings scheduled as needed. A summer recess usually occurs from June through August.

If you have ideas of ways to reach more of our residents through programs or events, think we could do more for a segment of our population, or just want to be a part of a group who works to improve our home, please fill out the application.

We also offer a Junior Trustee application for high school students who are interested in working with the Board for a 4-month term. Details can be found here.

Meeting Dates
Board Meeting 7pm March 12, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm April 9, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm May 14, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm September 10, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm October 15, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm November 12, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm December 10, 2019
Board Meeting 7pm February 11, 2020
Board Meeting 7pm March 10, 2020
Board Meeting 7pm April 14, 2020
Board Meeting 7pm May 12, 2020

Event Dates
Book Club 11am or 7pm March 14, 2019
Book Club 11am or 7pm May 9, 2019
Community Day May 18, 2019
Book Club 11am or 7pm September 12, 2019
Golf Invitational September 23, 2019
Book Club 11am or 7pm November 14, 2019
Book Club 11am or 7pm TBD March, 2020
Book Club 11am or 7pm TBD May, 2020
Community Day TBD May, 2020

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