Board of Trustees Meeting on February 12, 2019

Seated: Vice President Daphna Gans, President Alison Hess, Secretary Jennifer Dempsey

Standing: Business Manager Donna Fox, Michael S. Barnett, Tammy Singleton-English, Theresa Kish, James Bennett (Retired Trustee), Glen Sandusky, CFO John Tarcson, Paul Fox, David Jones

Not pictured: Trustees Susan Castelli, Shannon Gallagher, Gordon Mathews, Justin Schmidt, and Rachelle Vopal; Junior Trustees Alexis Wehrle, Shri Sai Pranaav Jamigumpala and Haley Beardsley


All Upper St. Clair adult residents are encouraged to apply to become Trustees with the Community Foundation. To better serve our township, we need input from a wide range of voices, and we look forward to growing our Board.

Junior Trustees

The Junior Trustee position is available to any student who resides in Upper St. Clair who is a current high school student.

Junior Trustees will attend Board Meetings, volunteer on one or more committees, and learn how a non-profit foundation operates.

Applications for Fall 2019 are due August 15. Applications for Spring 2020 are due January 15.

Our Board for 2019

Alison HessPresident, Board of Trustees

Daphna Gans - Vice-President

John Tarcson - CFO

Jennifer DempseySecretary

Donna FoxBusiness Manager 

Theresa Kish - Health Focus Chair

Daphna Gans and John Tarcson STEM Focus Chairs and

Alison Hess and Paul K. Fox - Communications Directors and

Michael S. Barnett

Susan Castelli

Shannon Gallagher

David Jones

Gordon Mathews

Glen Sandusky

Justin Schmidt

Tammy Singleton-English

Rachelle Vopal 

Junior Trustee Alexis Wehrle

Junior Trustee Shri Sai Pranaav Jamigumpala

Junior Trustee Haley Beardsley

Organized by residents concerned about the future of our community, the Community Foundation of Upper St. Clair is one of a growing number of municipality foundations across the United States. Our goal is to augment the many advantages to living in Upper St. Clair by providing financial support for special programs and projects that are not funded by tax dollars. These projects fall into three focus areas:

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The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of February, March, May, September, October, and November at 7:00 p.m. Additional meetings are added as needed.

The Foundation appreciates all questions, ideas, and feedback regarding our role in the life of Upper St. Clair. Please feel free to contact our office any time via any of the contact points below.

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