UPDATE February 2019 - We are updating our Grant Application and process at this time. We plan to have our new application ready in early March. If you have a time-sensitive Grant need, please contact Alison Hess at The new Grant Application will appear on this page once it is available. Thank you for your patience as we strive to better serve the residents of Upper St. Clair.

The mission of the Community Foundation of Upper St. Clair is "to build a sense of community by supporting activities and programs that enhance the quality of life for our residents." In order to accomplish this mission, funds are secured through grants from the state government and other foundations, funds received for special projects or memorials, fund raisers, and donations.

All grant applications are reviewed by our Board of Trustees. When evaluating a grant request, the Board applies four basic criteria:

  • Partnering
    As stewards of the financial resources of the Community Foundation, the trustees wish to maximize the benefits of its resources. This can best be accomplished when individuals or organizations seeking funding have already secured a portion of their projected needs through other sources.

  • New Initiatives
    Many avenues may be taken to accomplish the Foundation’s mission. The Board seeks to encourage new, different, and creative ideas through the grant funding process.

  • Scope
    Projects that have a large audience can best meet the Foundation’s mission and foster a sense of community by enhancing the quality of life for the people of Upper St. Clair.

  • Long-term Impact
    Projects that receive funding should have a lasting effect, be it concrete or abstract. The project also should fall under one of the Foundation’s five focus areas: Education, Fine & Performing Arts, Science, Technology, Recreation & Leisure.

Please note: The Community Foundation does not fund requests for salaries.

Project funds will be dispersed upon receipt of invoices.