Our History


  • Sponsored the Fourth Annual Oktoberfest at St. Thomas Church (10/15/16)

  • Participated in the Miracle Field Halloween Party. (10/23/16)

  • The 2016 Golf Invitational was held at St. Clair Country Club on September 26, 2016.

  • The seventh annual free outdoor movie, “Inside Out,” was held on August 18th on the C&RC multipurpose field.

  • The 2016 “Becoming A Competitive College Applicant” was held on February 3rd.

  • The Giving Tea and Night At The Races will be alternated each year

  • Supported a grant to assist them USC Rowing Association to purchase a double shell. The CF logo will be put on the shell. (1/16)

  • The books reviewed by the USC Book Club in 2016 included “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng; “Swing” by Philip Beard; “The Boys In The Boat” by Daniel James Brown; “The Little Red Chairs” by Edna O’Brien; “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead


  • A $3,000 check was received from Erika Deyarmin, Public Sector Services for Waste Management for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). A $6,000 check was also received from a local dentist, Daniel Petrich, for the EITC.(9/17/13)

  • A $5,000 grant request from the USC Library for Use, Share, Connect The technology was approved. (5/ 13)

  • “Hotel Transylvania” was selected for the fourth annual Free Outdoor Family Movie Night at the C&RC on August 22, 2013.

  • A partnership request of $1,000 was approved to cover the USC Theater rental for a PSO Musicians Concert to raise funds for school districts to promote students’ involvement with the PSO. (5/13)

  • A grant of $15,000 was approved for expenses associated with the 3rd Annual “Celebrate Our Schools.” Gala on February 22, 2014. The event raised over $60,000. (5/13)

  • USC blankets were ordered and will be sold at the CFUSC booth on Community Day, at the Fall Fest and through www.cfusc.org. (5/13)

  • A CFUSC Logo Contest was created to develop a new logo. (3/13)


  • A matching grant of $500 was provided to the Cheerleaders with which to purchase a mat. (12/11)

  • CFUSC returned to its previous website www.cfusc.org. (12/11)

  • CFUSC, in partnership with the

    Upper St. Clair School District,

    hosted the First Annual Upper St.

    Clair Homecoming Gala on

    Saturday, October 1, 2011, at St.

    Clair Country Club. The event

    featured the Class of 2011 Halls

    of Fame Inductees. The $55,000+

    funds raised benefited Academic,

    Arts and Athletic programs.

  • CFUSC sponsored Fall 1994,

    Spring 1996, Fall 2000, Winter

    2005, and Fall 2011 covers of the

    USC TODAY magazine.

  • CFUSC presented a free screening of “Rio” to the USC community at the second Family Movie Night at the Boyce-Mayview Park MultiPurpose Field on August 25, 2011 at dusk.

  • The Bocce League featured 16 couples during the spring and summer. (5/11)

  • Letters of support from the CFUSC were provided to help enable the township to receive a $100,000 grant for the Veterans Memorial Park through the Community Infrastructure & Tourism Fund of the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County. (5/11)

  • $10,000 was approved for one of the three flagpoles at the Veterans Memorial Park. (5/11)

  • $10,000 was approved to provide a handicapped-accessible water fountain at Casey’s Clubhouse at Miracle Field. (5/11)

  • A grant of $1,000 to support the Upper St. Clair High School Mentoring Program was provided. (5/11)

  • A scholarship in memory of Baker third grader, Patrick O’Brien, was established to be awarded to a student when his class graduates from High School. (2/11)

  • “Girls Night Out Spring Fling,”

    a fundraiser was held at St. Clair

    Country Club on March 31, 2011.

    Vendors donated a percentage of

    their profits to CFUSC.

  • Spyro Gyra performed on the USC

    Theater stage on April 8, 2011.

    Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania,

    Inc. was a primary sponsor, donating

    $5,000. The High School Jazz

    Ensemble was the opening act.

  • Program ads were placed in the USCHS Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse programs. (2011)


  • “An Evening with Marvin Hamlisch” was held in the USC Theatre on August 31, 2009.

  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (3/93, 3/94, 1/95, 4/96, 4/97, 01, 5/02, 5/03, 2/04); Pittsburgh Symphony Pops (7/04, 7/05, 7/06); PSO Fiddlesticks (4/00, 1/05, 1/06); and Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra (1/07, 3/09, 4/09) have all performed in the USC Theatre due to their partnership with CFUSC.

  • CFUSC has been and continued to be, the depository for six college scholarships awarded annually to USC high school students: Ted Barnett Scholarship, Ellie Batz Scholarship, William A. Pope, Ph.D. Scholarship, T.J. White Upper St. Clair Athletic Scholarship, Joanne Szymanski Scholarship, Patrick O’Brien Scholarship.

  • Veterans Memorial Funds ($4,658) were transferred from a CFUSC special account to the Veterans Memorial 501(c)(3) account. (8/09)

  • A $945 matching grant was approved toward a USC Cheerleading request for new mats. (5/09)

  • Support of “Odyssey of the Mind,” which is a program open to all school-age children in the district and is run by parent volunteers to foster creative and divergent thinking (‘99-’09)


  • Goff Backa Alfera & Company was engaged for the year-end 2015 audit and tax preparation.

  • A $1,000 Hauber Foundation Grant was accepted by CF to fund a USCHS Choir Alumni Reunion. (2/24/15)

  • “Big Hero 6,” was selected as the Sixth Annual Free Outdoor Family Movie, to be shown on the C&RC Multi-Purpose Field on August 20, 2015. (2/24/15)

  • The Innovation Hub at the High School was accepted as an eligible program under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, which lead to a $10,000 donation and will be used for SHOP@USC, which is part of the Innovation Hub. (2/10/15)


  • On October 20, 2012, the “Celebrating Our Schools” Gala at St. Clair Country Club raised $80,000 for technology in the classroom and speaker system at the stadium. Members of the USCHS 1988 and 1989 WPIAL AAAA Championship Football Teams were recognized.

  • The Fall Giving Tea at Terrie Piatt’s home raised $7,500+ on September 12, 2012.

  • A grant request from the USCHS Band Parents Association was approved to help pay for the expense of photocopying the insert for each Luminaria kit they are selling for a fundraiser. (9/12 - $300)

  • The third annual Outdoor Family Movie Night, The LORAX, shown on the C&RC Multi-Purpose Field on August 25, 2012, was a great success with 600 residents in attendance.

  • The EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) application for 2012 was approved in all areas and received $10,000 from Thermo Fisher Scientific as well as PJ Dick, Trum bull, and Lindy Paving.

  • CF acted as a pass-through for $1,250 in donations that have been received for the Leadership Academy. (3/12)

  • A parent seminar, “Are Our Children Safe in Cyberspace?” involving two FBI agents from the FBI “Cyber Squad,” was held on March 28, 2012.

  • USC Boys Basketball program ads have been purchased in 2009 2012.

  • USC Lady Panthers Basketball ads have been purchased in 2007-2012.


  • The Michael Pedicin Quartet performed the music of Dave Brubeck in “The Michael Pedicin Quartet/The Brubeck Project” in the USC Theatre on November 19, 2010.

  • The adult Community Foundation of Upper St. Clair Lecture Series 2010-2011 was held at Boyce School.

  • The Chillin’, Swillin’, and Grillin’ event has been held at St. Clair Country Club on October 10, 2010; and at Bella Sera in 2008.

  • The second “An Evening With Marvin Hamlisch” was held on September 20, 2010.

  • Fundraising Giving Teas have been held in the homes of Upper St. Clair residents.

  • A Family Movie Night was held on the Multi-Purpose Field at the C & RC on September 2, 2010, showing “The Sandlot.”

  • $2,500 grant provided for the Regional Environmental Education Center (REEC) field experiences for USC K-4 elementary students. (510)

  • Sue Garnhardt donated a grand piano to CFUSC, which was given to the School District and placed at Boyce Middle School. (4/10)

  • A grant was approved for a training mat for the USC Competitive Dance Team. (3/10)

  • A USC High School Counseling Department request was funded to bring in a speaker from the Development Assets program to speak to students, teachers and residents about the 40 Developmental Assets which enhance children’s chances for success was funded to a total of $1,500. (4/10)

  • CFUSC brought in the Folklorico Ollimpaxqui Ballet Company to the USC Theatre to perform for middle school students. The performance presented colorful Hispanic traditions, music & dance, and was a bilingual educational experience that included audience participation. (3/10)

  • In conjunction with the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Latin jazz pianist Eddie Palmieri presented a jazz workshop for students and an evening concert in the USCHS Theatre. (3/10)

  • CFUSC was initially the depository for the USC Crew Team Scull Fund. Funds of $5,300 were transferred to the USC Crew Team to be held in their own tax-exempt account. (2/10)

  • The CFUSC By-Laws were revised and approved. (2/10)


  • A Youth Steering Committee grant request for $2,500 was funded to $1,000 to help fund a workshop, formally titled “Everyone’s an Asset Builder,” to encourage, inform, and engage interested members of the community regarding developmental assets for the healthy development of adolescents and to increase community awareness of problems among our youth. (5/08)

  • CFUSC partnered with the Upper St. Clair School District and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance to bring a Chinese performing arts group, performing ethnic dance, opera, music, martial arts, and acrobatics, to the Upper St. Clair High School Theatre; the group came to the United States to perform at the United Nations in New York City. Pittsburgh was chosen as the only destination outside of NYC in which to play, as part of the Pittsburgh 250 celebration. (4/29/08)

  • A Steinway D Concert Grand Piano was purchased from CMU for the USC Theatre stage for $22,750 through donations, a Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development Grant by State Representative John Maher, and a large contribution from Aleen Mathews in memory of her daughter and former trustee, Julie Mathews Klym. (First performance was a student and adult recital on (11/22/08.)

  • Six Promethean White Boards were purchased for Streams School. (Fall, ‘08)

  • QUEST sponsored a five-part seminar series on China. (Fall, ‘08)


  • A motion was approved to reimburse the costs, not to exceed $60 monthly, for advertising outlets for events, such as the Oktoberfest, which cannot go out as an eBlast. (5/13/14)

  • Pre-approved ads in boosters programs were increased to $200. (5/13/14)

  • May 21, 2014, Giving Tea at the home of Jill Vissman raised $7,146+. The next Giving Tea was scheduled for Spring, 2016.

  • A $15,000 grant was approved in support of the Miracle Field/Casey’s Club House playground. A CF individualized recognition plaque will be attached to the playground fencing. (5/13/14)

  • “Frozen” was selected for the fifth annual Free Outdoor Family Movie at the C&RC on August 21, 2014

  • A grant of $15,000 was approved for the Casey’s Club/Miracle Field playground project at the C&RC.

  • A request for $6,000 to enable all second-grade students to attend the Outdoor Classroom was fulfilled by a release of EITC funds in that amount. (3/11/14)

  • In partnership with HS IB Program and Gifted Program, a grant request from the High School UNICEF Club was approved to fund a United Nations speaker for an all-school assembly on April 22, 2014. (2/11/14)

  • A grant request from the Middle School Health & Physical Education Program was approved for a Family Fit Night on March 12, 2014.

  • Funding was approved for buses to take all HS junior class students on a fall and spring “shadow” experience through partnerships with businesses. (2/11/14)

  • A $5,000 grant request from the Director of Choral Activities USCSD was approved to support a partnership with the School District, the High School Music Department, the Westminster Church Music & Arts Series, the Westminster Chancel Choir, the USCHS Choral Boosters, professional soloists from the Pittsburgh Opera, the Academy Orchestra and the USCHS Pantheon Choir, to present “The Verdi Requiem” on November 16, 2014.

  • A Community Foundation Book Club, hosted by trustee Beth Erlanger, was initiated on November 12, 2014, and is ongoing.

  • A $3,000 grant was provided to SHOP@USC, a hands-on, pioneering, student-run business housed Within the Innovation Hub. The grant supplied cameo T-shirts for the first project, proceeds of which will be invested in future endeavors for this Life Skills program. (11/11/14)

  • A $1,000 grant was provided to the PTA Council for the digital and printed Student Directory. (10/14/14)

  • CF participated in the “End of Season Celebration and Halloween Party” at Casey’s Clubhouse at the C&RC on October 18, 2014.

  • The “new” CF logo was officially adopted. (9/14/14)

  • A $2,100 grant was approved, to partner with the PTSO to provide laptop computers that can be borrowed for online learning for students who do not have computers at home. (9/14/14)

  • As a result of an Education & Lifelong Learning Focus Group initiative, a segment of the junior class will experience career exploration opportunities in November and December, 2014. 22 of the 45 businesses contacted are committed to hosting students for tours, panel discussions, and other interactive opportunities (9/14/14)

  • $1,000 was approved for the Native American Educator and musical performances at the November 8th Fall Fest (8/26/14)

  • The By-Laws were amended to allow the Treasurer to sign checks up to A sampling of activities/events made possible by the COMMUNITY FOUNDATION of UPPER ST. CLAIR 1993 - Present the amount of $750 without a second signature. (8/26/14) A motion was approved to reimburse the costs, not to exceed $60 monthly, for advertising outlets for events, such as the Oktoberfest, which cannot go out as an eBlast (5/13/14)

  • Pre-approved ads in boosters programs were increased to $200 (5/13/14)

  • Supported the Upper St. Clair Fire Department by underwriting the cost of the cover for the USC TODAY magazine, $2,000.

  • Partnered with the Musical budget and Town Hall South to provide LED lights for the musical, “All Shook Up.” $1,200

  • Held the Third Annual “Celebrating Our Schools” Gala at Valley Brook Country Club on February 22, 2014. Over $60,000 was raised for technology in the schools.

  • CF sponsored the PSO Musicians Care Concert in the USC Theater on February 1, 2014, to supply funding to schools for an instrument repairs & purchase, to bring students to Heinz Hall for student concerts, and for scholarships for students wanting to pursue a career in music. $10,900 was raised.


  • A one-time grant request of $2,500 was approved to augment $1,500 each from the school PTA for support of the REEC (Regional Environmental Education Center) as well as SWEP (School-Wide Enrichment Program). (3/07)

  • The USCHS Ethics & Integrity Committee grant request of $1,750 was approved for consulting fees associated with the Duke University Center for Academic Integrity. (4/07)

  • CFUSC sponsored ABC’s of School Finance, a public seminar on school finance. (10/06)

  • A USC Hockey grant request funded new jerseys for the Upper St. Clair JV Hockey team. (‘06)

  • A $5,000 grant request by USCSD Superintendent, Dr. Lombardo, brought the Mongolian Performing Arts performance to USC. (11/05)

  • CFUSC made it possible to bring Kathaka Gunjan, an Indian dance program, to USC to perform for high school students and the community. (10/05)

  • A grant request from USC High School physics teacher, Tracy Doyle was approved in order to start a Robotics Club for 9th through 12th grades in the fall, 2005; the funding provided the site license, LEGO Robotics Kits (basic kit) and VEX Robotics Kits (advanced equipment). (9/05)

  • “Break It Down” was a sharing of cultural traditions through music and dance, which referred to breaking down cultural barriers. The program was presented in the Upper St. Clair High School Theatre. CFUSC paid the advertising costs so that all donations could

    go to the Tsunami Relief. (5/05)

  • A $500 grant request was approved for USCHS Social Studies teacher Todd Flynn to fund the “Greatest Generation USC War Memorial”; funds were used to produce “war bonds” to be sold to fund a memorial in Upper St. Clair dedicated to those who fought in WWII. (3/04)

  • A Bocce League was formed through the CFUSC’s Recreation & Leisure Focus Committee. (’05 - present)

  • CFUSC has participated in Community Day since 1994, added the Duck Race in 1999, and on occasion has provided cash prizes for Community Day Parade floats, “Moon Walk” inflatable, and Kids’ Train.

  • The USC Fire Station building a campaign of the USC Fire Department was supported by purchasing an 8” X 8” $500 brick. (3/05)

  • $300 grant to support the expansion of the Pittsburgh Jewish-Israeli Film Festival to the South Hills in March 2004; a festival is a three-week event that offers film fans of all backgrounds a diverse a range of works, complementing the screenings with innovative and informative programming for students and adults; many of them films offered at these screenings have won prestigious awards and prizes. (3/04)

  • A $500 grant approved to SHIM (South Hills Interfaith Ministry) to help fund a “Festival of Cultures,” a musical featuring Hindu, Gospel, Greek, Indian and Christian music and dancing (3/04)

Second Annual Charity Golf Invitational
September 25, 2017

Golf Sponsors with levels 092617.jpeg

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