Board of Trustees Meeting on March 13, 2018

Seated: Angela Petersen, Beth Ellis, Tim Wagner, Ponny Conomos, James Bennett.

Standing: Theresa Kish, Wendy Vespa, Jennifer Dempsey, Michael S. Barnett, Daphna Gans, Paul Fox, Rachel Lowden, David Jones, Alison Hess, Tammy Singleton-English.

Not pictured: John Tarcson.

Our Board

Tim WagnerChairperson, Board of Trustees

Angela B. Petersen - Executive Director

Beth Ellis - Vice-Chairperson

Ponny Conomos JahnSecretary


James M. Bennett - Fine & Performing Arts Focus Chair

Daphna Gans - Science Focus Chair

John Tarcson Technology Focus Chair

Tim Wagner - Education & Lifelong Learning Acting Chair


Michael S. Barnett

Jennifer Dempsey

Paul K. Fox - Communications Chair

Alison Hess - Website

David Jones

Theresa Kish

Rachel Lowden

Tammy Singleton-English

Wendy Vespa


Organized by residents concerned about the future of our community, the Community Foundation of Upper St. Clair is one of a growing number of municipality foundations across the United States. Our goal is to augment the many advantages to living in Upper St. Clair by providing financial support for special programs and projects that are not funded by tax dollars. These projects fall into five focus areas:

  1. Education and Lifelong Learning
  2. Fine and Performing Arts
  3. Recreation and Leisure
  4. Science
  5. Technology



The Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of February, March, May, September, October, and November at 7:00 p.m.

The Executive Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of every month except June, July, and December at 7:00 p.m.


The Foundation appreciates all questions, ideas, and feedback regarding our role in the life of Upper St. Clair. Please feel free to contact our office any time via any of the contact points below.

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Community Foundation of Upper St. Clair
2585 Washington Road, Suite 131A
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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